39 Best Quotes of “You Can Sell” by Shiv Khera

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Not sure how many avid readers have the habit of underlining good lines when you read a  book so that you can come back later on when you are bored and re-live the good moments you had with that book.

I definitely do that all the time!

One book that I recently read was “You can Sell” written by Shiv Khera. The first book that I read written by this author was “You can Win”, fell in love with that book so I had to read his next book.

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This book “You can Sell” is a self-help book which is written for people who are interested in selling things and how you can do it. In this post I would like to share with you my favorite lines which I came across while reading this book and UNDERLINED for future reference.

This post will be divided into 2 sections: Lines and Quotes.
Lines: Words of Shiv Khera.
Quotes: Words from other famous people.
Enjoy 🙂

  1. Sometimes in life you’ve got to be unkind to be kind.
  2. When you are down and hurt, that’s the time when your sheer will is going to pull you up one more time, to get up and make one more call and that is the winning edge.
  3. Do we have to be ten times smarter than our competition? The answer is No! All we need is the nose and the rewards are ten times bigger in real life too.
  4. Most people fail in life not because they lack talent, but because they lack a burning desire to succeed.
  5. Selling is nothing but the transfer of enthusiasm from the seller to the buyer.
  6. Winners form the habit of doing things that losers don’t like to do.
  7. Getting motivated is probably easier than staying motivated, especially in the face of receiving rejection a lot to the time.
  8. Some are motivated by positive rewards; others are motivated to avoid negative consequences.
  9. Wise people learn from their mistakes but wiser people learn from others mistakes.
  10. Where you will be five years from now will depend upon the kind of books your read and the company you keep.
  11. Difference between PR and Advertising is that in an advertisement, you promote yourself to solicit business whereas in PR, a third party recognizes you and your work and because of that, people want to deal with you.
  12. Continuous education is like sharpening your axe. Good professionals are always on a continuous education program in order to sharpen their axes.
  13. A person who can read but does not read is no better than the person who cannot read anyway.
  14. Our objective is really to reduce the risk factor and increase the reward trust factor, which will raise our closing ration and improve our average.
  15. It takes less effort to retain a customer than to gain a new one.
  16. Don’t take your customer for granted. Always keep in mind that he is being solicited by your competitors.
  17. A cardinal rule for a good sales professional – never give the price without establishing the perceived value.
  18. It costs six to ten times more to gain a new customer than to retain an existing one.
  19. Every little thing matters. If it matters, is it really little?
  20. Your inflow and retention of prospects must be greater than the outflow.
  21. Only then can you grow.
  22. The key is consistency. Erratic marketing efforts without consistent follow up will not get the desired results.
  23. A headline is an advertisement to an advertisement.
  24. If your answer is YES to the following three questions, the world is your market. 1) Does it solve a problem. 2) Will it sustain? 3)Do people want it?
    The more ‘yeses’ the salesperson gets from the prospect, at every step of the presentation, the more difficult it will be for the prospect to say ‘no’ when the salesperson asks him for the order to close.
  25. A professional know how to sell a benefit or how to convert a feature into a benefit.
  26. First, the potential customer buys the salesperson, then the product and company.
  27. Most people confuse dreams with goals. They have dreams and they think they have goals. Goals are dreams with a deadline, a clear direction and a plan of action.
  28. Goals out-of-reach are motivating but goals out-of-sight are demotivating.
  29. Productivity depends on the effective use of time. People, who waste valuable minutes, eventually lose hours and days not realizing the loss till it is too late.
  30. Unlike a bank account, you cannot carry forward a time balance in your life.
  31. Life management is nothing more than managing priorities in life.
  32. If you waste time, time will waste you.
  33. An organized schedule has a pay-off. An unorganized schedule you have to pay for.
  34. Nothing magical is going to happen at the last moment unless consistent effort has been made in advance.
  35. Winners wait for their destination and losers wait for their destiny.
  36. Unethical people bring discredit to everything and everyone associated with them, regardless of their profession.
  37. Experience shows that people who lie, don’t hesitate to steal either.
  38. We sell products and services; we sell our professional time – we don’t sell our conscience.
  39. Good sales professionals sell products and services, they sell their professional time but not their conscience.


Associate yourself with men of good quality, if you esteem your own reputation, it’s better to be alone than in bad company. -George Washington

Success is 95 percent perspiration and 5 per cent inspiration.” -Edison

Success is merely a matter of luck. Ask any failure. – Anonymous.

Things may come to those who wait, but only things left by those who hustle. – Abraham Lincoln

Life is hard by the yard, but by the inch, it’s a clinch. – Gean Gordon

Work expands to fill the time available for its completion. -Parkinson’s Law

Some people know the price of everything, but the value of nothing. – Oscar Wilde

I loved reading this book, so will you. You can support the author by purchasing a copy of this book from amazon.

Thank you for reading. Please do share this post if you like it. Also do share your favorite lines or quotes from the book in the comments.
Have a nice day!

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